LIVE REVIEW: Odd indie punk band Peelander-Z & psychedelic party folkers Calliope Musicals take over Empire

Words/Photos by: Joshua Guerra

Edited by: Clinton Camper


November 11, 2017: Two of Austin’s very own creative and unique bands, Calliope Musicals and Peelander-Z shared the stage together at Empire Control Room. If you’ve seen either of these bands live you know you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t seen these bands live, well, you’re in for a bigger treat.

Calliope Musicals hit the stage first with their unique stage presence and production. Their mic stands were lit up and there was a projector playing bizarre animation on several screens behind them. They gave yet another amazing hometown performance, as everyone in the crowd couldn't help but dance along to their super catchy jams. The band then brought some friends on stage that threw out 99 red balloons, and they ended their set with a "99 Luftballons" cover.

The night was still young and filled with even more dancing as Peelander-Z set in for a very high-energy set. Bringing some fans on stage to make them exercise was a highlight of the night. For Peelander-Z, there is always time for a quick workout. At one point Peelander-Yellow played limbo with the crowd. He used a long rope and made the whole crowd go under it and move from one side of Empire to the other. It was a fun filled Saturday night for the locals of Austin.