LIve Review: Texas post-grunge outfit Blue October takeover Stubbs

Words by: Karen Washington

Photos by: Joshua Guerra & Kassandra Tovar

Edited by: Clinton Camper


Texas-native alternative rock band Blue October made an appearance at Stubb’s on Saturday, November 18. Opening for them was Missio, an electronic duo originating from Austin, Texas. Missio set the tone for the night opening with “I Don’t Even Care About You“, an electronic song that got the crowd dancing. Lead singer Matthew Brue of Missio gave a heartwarming speech about addiction, depression, and alcohol abuse as he introduced the 4th song on their set “Everybody gets high”. Missio closed their set by letting the crowd know that the Austin show was the show they had been waiting for since the tour started; two months ago. Missio and Blue October seem to have plenty of fans in common, as most of the crowd sang along to both bands’ songs.

Blue October opened up with one of their more recent songs from the album “Home” released in 2016. The song “I Want It” has an alternative/indie feel and had fans in the front of the crowd swaying together as soon as it started. The loyalty amongst fans showed as they sang along to every Blue October song throughout the night.

Lead singer Justin Furstenfeld made the crowd go wild as he asked them to dance with him as they performed “Hard Candy”. The crowd had a family-like feel to it, and you could see them unite every time Blue October asked them to sing, dance, and clap along. Furstenfeld surprised a fan as he hopped off stage to hug him and thank him for wearing their merch. The band also announced a new album coming out next year that is available for pre-order.

Blue October (by Joshua Guerra)