Words/Photos by: Joshua Guerra

Edited by: Clinton Camper


American rock band Bad Sun brought their “Love Like Revenge Tour” to Mohawk on November, 9 2017 with support from QTY and Hunny.

Dan Lardner of  QTY  

Dan Lardner of QTY 

New York based rock band QTY started the night off. Their sound was one you would describe as classic rock mixed with the modern styles rock music. Although their full-length debut album won’t be released until December, QTY performed a few songs that they have released, which are available on streaming services.

Jason Yarger of  Hunny

Jason Yarger of Hunny

Kevin Grimmett of  Hunny

Kevin Grimmett of Hunny

Hunny was the second act to take the stage. Coming out in a cow themed cowboy hat, lead singer Jason Yarger looked very pleased to see the crowds’ reaction. Hunny had that modern rock sound which can be described as indie/alternative with a dash of punk. The crowd seemed to really vibe to Hunny during the performance, you could tell they had a few fans in the crowd. People were getting into the songs, jumping, dancing around and singing along with the band. Some notable fan favorite songs performed were “Cry for me,” “Natalie,” and a slow version of “Parking Lot” from their 2015 album Pain / Ache / Loving. Nonetheless their performance went well and got the crowd pumped up for Bad Suns.

Christo Bowman of  Bad Suns

Christo Bowman of Bad Suns

A sold out venue of Bad Suns fans were ready for their favorite band to take the stage. Once they did, the venue erupted with screams and cheers for the band. They opened up the night with “Disappear Hear” from their 2016 album Disappear Here. Midway through the performance, lead singer Christo Bowman went into the crowd and was lifted up by them as he continued singing. This was one of the highlights of the night. Bad Suns also performed some of their old tunes from their 2014 EP Transpose including “Transpose,” “20 years,” and “Cardiac Arrest.” They ended the night with “Heartbreaker,” and “Salt.” Only a few dates remain on this headlining tour for Bad Suns, they will end in Las Vegas.