CONCERT REVIEW: Declan McKenna at Stubbs (Indoors) - 1/31/18

Words/Photos by: Joshua Guerra

Edited by: Clinton Camper


Up and coming heartthrob Declan McKenna began his tour in at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas. He brought along 19-year old singer Chappell Roan along with him for a journey. The crowd gave him a wonderful first night of tour to remember as it was sold out show. 

Chappell started the night and her voice was as beautiful as a sunset sky, the crowd was shocked. Her songs were very mellow and at a slow tempo, but that allowed her voice to soar. During her performance she sang a cover of “Dreams,” in honor of the late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan and it was absolutely beautiful. Chappell Roan will continue supporting Declan McKenna on the rest of the tour through the end of March.

It was now time for Declan McKenna to take the stage.. He began with an intro and went right into his song “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home,” as the crowd of many girls screamed their heads off and sang along. He grabbed a pink cowboy hat from a fan in the front row and performed with it on until it fell off, and you could say he was up there having the time of his life and interacting with the fans.

The fans wanted an encore as the band went off stage and they came back and performed one of his most popular songs “Listen To Your Friends.” Everybody in the crowd sang along and cheered for him. Had he played at a larger venue in Austin, I am sure that would have also been sold out. Declan McKenna will no doubt be back in Austin but will be playing a much larger venue next time for more of his fans to come see him.